Delmarva supports a variety of satellite manufacturing companies and facilities with S Band transceivers and transponders, high data rate X and Ka band transmitters, encrypt/decrypt systems, with products from L3Harris Communications Telemetry & RF Products. Additionally, Smiths Interconnect (formerly Millitech) provides passive and active space-borne subsystems at millimeter wave frequencies; while L3Harris Narda-West supplies integrators with both passive and active RF components including up/down converters and beacons for Geostationary platforms, diplexers, triplexers, and filters. L3Harris NARDA ATM design and manufacture spaceborne waveguide assemblies.

Customers include: Northrop Grumman/Orbital Sciences, NASA Goddard, NASA Langley, The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, The Naval Research Lab, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems. Among the many programs we have worked and currently support include: NASA SMEX missions, Orbital Carbon Observatory, NuStar, AIM, Radiation Belt Storm Probe, Solar Dynamics Observatory, Themis, NuStar, STP-SIV, NEMO, MIS, IS-18, Hylas 2, PTSS, TACSAT-4 and various classified programs.

  • SSTDN/SGLS/USB Transponders

  • Mission Data/Payload Transmitters at X and Ka-band

  • Embedded and standalone COMSEC

  • C, Ku, Ka-band UP/DOWN Converters for Geosynchronous Satellites

  • Beacon transmitters at C, X, Ku, and Ka Bands

  • Passive Components: Waveguide, Diplexers, Filters, Triplexers and Multiplexers

  • Millimeter Wave Components and Subsystems

  • S Band and GPS Omni-Directional Antennas