AR RF & Microwave Instrumentation (Amplifier Research) located in Souderton, Pennsylvania, has long been recognized as the world leader in broadband linear power amplifiers for EMI/EMC testing. But their product line extends well beyond amplifiers to include antennas, field probes, dual directional couplers, specialized systems for Conducted Immunity testing, CISPR compliant receivers, and turn-key systems. AR’s Divisions also include SUNARF Motion (formerly SUNOL Sciences Corp.), makers of turntables, towers, positioning systems, reverb tuners and antennas. Together with AR, Delmarva also represents MVG makers of a variety of EMC Test Chambers and shielding accessories. Among the many facilities where AR is in use includes Pax NAWC, NSWC Dahlgren, Aberdeen Test Center, NASA GSFC, NASA LaRC, Northrop Grumman, MET Labs, Washington Labs, and Naval Research Lab, among many others.

  • Broadband Linear Power Amplifiers

  • Solid-State Amplifiers from DC to 18GHZ and up to 100KW+
  • TWT Amplifiers from 1GHZ to 50GHZ – up to 20,000W
  • Turn-Key Systems

  • Broadband Antennas, Couplers, and Transmission Components
  • E & H Field Monitoring Systems and Probes
  • Laser Powered Probes from 5KHz to 60GHZ
  • High Power Amplifier Modules from 1 to 18 GHZ for Commercial and Military Environments
  • Software for Automation of EMC Testing
  • Positioning Equipment, Towers and Turntables
  • Anechoic Chambers