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New Product Announcement

Midwest Microwave Solutions

Midwest Microwave Solutions introduces their new Coherent Dual Channel Ultra-Wideband Microwave Digital Receiver, WRX-626G-D, tunable from 5.75 to 26.5 GHz (with up to 44 GHz extendable coverage). The unit is extremely low SWaP, has superior SFDR and Ultra-Low Phase Noise, while providing wideband digitization and processing in a compact low-power design. The unit provides simultaneous Dual 500 MHz Analog and 500 MHz digitized outputs, as well as sub-band tuning with up to 8 DDC’s, 100 MHz BW per DDC (120 MSPS I/Q 16-bit per). The unit provides programable FFT and SCAN functions, precision Time-Tagging, Spectrum Search and Display Monitoring with VITA-49/SDDS data formats.


The WRX-626G-D employs a highly integrated ADC in conjunction with a Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA for sampling and processing wideband high-speed data samples into I/Q signals. The digitizer contains a companion DSP that interfaces with the high-speed digital data from the FPGA through synchronous interfaces supporting DSP DMA transfers of snapshot data sets. The IF Output from each Tuner is digitized using a 14-bit A/D sampling up to 2600 MHz. The onboard low-jitter A/D Clock provides programable sample rates, with decimation suitable for FPGA and DSP spectral processing. The high-speed I/Q data is outputted via a 40 Gb QSFP+ interface.

The WRX-626G-D is an ideal choice for software–defined radio (SDR) applications, SIGINT Systems, Wideband Test Systems and Communication Receiver applications. It provides an open architecture design with reconfigurable “flash via webpage”, which is ideally suited for user programmable spectral analysis, multi-mode demodulation, and multi-channel down-conversion, as well as general purpose dual-channel signal processing.

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