• Space-Borne RF Subsystems for STDN, SGLS, USB
  • Space-Borne High Data Rate Ka band Transmitters
  • Space-Borne Crypto
  • Airborne and Ground Based Encryption and Decryption, Airborne Data Acquisition Products

  • Full Motion Antenna Systems at S, C, X, Ku, and Ka Band
  • Aperture Sizes 5.4M and larger (up to 24M)
  • High Rate Modems for TT&C and Payload Downlink Processing
  • Complete Turnkey Ground Stations

Mercury - formerly Syntonic

  • Mixed Signal Product Portfolio
  • Up/Down Converters up to 110GHz
  • IF to IF Converters, Digital IF Transceivers
  • Tuners, Microwave Synthesizers
  • RF SiP (Systems in a Package)
  • RF SoC based Digitizers and Recorders


  • satTRAC: Software Modems
  • softFEP: Front End Processors, Recorders, and Gateways for Reconfigurable Signal Processing
  • inSIGHT: Data Acquisition and Processing Systems
  • WAN-EX: WAN-Express Multi-Gbps Real Time Data Transport

MPS Microwave Phototonics

  • High SNR SFDR Analog Fiber Optic links to 50GHz
  • In-Building Repeater Systems
  • Optical Network Cable Assemblies
  • RF DAS / Systems Engineering
  • Delay Lines

  • Complete Turnkey Switching Systems — Digital, RF, Microwave
  • Analog and Serial Digital video Routers
  • Switch Control and Monitor Software RouteWarePRO 4.0

  • Metal 3D Printed Custom Antennas 1GHz to 100GHz
  • Antenna Arrays, Feeds and Sub-Reflectors
  • Space Qual, Airborne, Ground

  • Complete waveguide product range up to mmW frequencies
  • Ground, thinwall airborne & space qualified applications 
  • On-site installation and testing 
  • ITAR, CMMC, ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D & NADCAP Certified

  • TACLANE® Type 1 certified encryptors
  • Sectéra® Secure Voice Encryption
  • IP/SEC HAIPE® Certified products for Layer 3
  • E Series” EDE-CIS Certified encyrptors for Layer 2

Seagate Government Solutions

  • XOrbits Spaceborne SSD
  • FIPS 140-2 Private Cloud Storage Systems
  • Secure SSD and HDD Media
  • Secure Data Storage Solutions
  • Lyve Mobile Edge Storage Devices
  • FISMA & Common Criteria Certified

RF/ Microwave Instrumentation Division

  • Broadband Linear Class A Amplifiers 1 Watt to 100,000 Watts CW and Pulsed, DC to 40GHz
  • Laser Field Monitor Systems
  • Multi-Tone Testers, Antennas, Directional Couplers
  • Turn-Key Systems for MIL-STD-461 and IEC Testing

AR Modular RF

  • Multi-Band Tactical Amplifiers 30MHz—2GHz, 20-200W
  • Amplifier Modules for EW, Satcom, and Industrial Application

  • Ground Systems for UAV Command/Control and Data D/L
  • Airborne Ku/Ka Band Antennas
  • Conformal Antennas
  • Millimeter-Wave Components, Subsystems, and Systems
  • Antenna and Quasioptical components for Space, Ground, and Test
  • Millimeter Wave Antenna Design
  • Microwave Components, Ferrites, Oscillators, IMA’s Smiths Interconnect formerly Trak
  • Microwave Assemblies for Mil and Space Applications

  • Test Equipment for EMF Exposure Assessment
  • EMF Meter
  • Field Probes
  • EMF Monitoring
  • Personal Safety human exposure monitors

  • Phase Stable and Measurement Cables DC — 110GHz
  • Flight and Space Qualified Precision Cables
  • Industry Leading Groove® Technology

  • Vehicular, Manpack, Base Station and Shipboard Antennas
    for Tactical, ECM, SATCOM, etc. (2MHz—18GHz)

  • Commercial Antennas for
    • 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE
    • Wi-Fi, Wi-Max
    • Mesh Networks
    • MIMO Applications
  • Shock and Vibration Isolation
  • Custom Design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing


  • Microwave Tuners 30MHz—70GHz
  • RF Digitizers 30MHz—40GHz
  • Upconverters and Transmitters 30MHz—44GHz

  • Cell Phone over Satellite, Deployable 4G/5G LTE Base Stations
    Providing Secure, FCC Approved Wireless
    Communications for Government and Industry
  • Cellular Engineering/SIGINT Services for DoD

  • Deployable SATCOM ground antennas
  • Apertures from .9 to 4.2mm in X, Ka, Ku band
  • Available integrated base band network electronics
  • Government, Military, First Responders, ENG, NGOs

  • Rugged tactical micro computing kits
  • Secure Communications Kits
  • Rugged edge devices
  • High Performance Cluster computing servers
  • Quantis Quantum Random Number Generator Chips
  • Hardened RF shielded enclosures 3kHz-300GHz