Business Markets

Tactical Communications

Tactical CommunicationsAR Modular RF and Delmarva provide booster amplifiers to tactical users of JTRS radios, ruggedized baseband hardware, field deployable data acquisition systems, turnkey communications trailers and vehicles, segmented reflectors. Programs and customers include: NAVAIR SCRB, JBS and RIS, NSWG, Ft. Bragg, JSOC, Camp Lejeune, MCB Quantico and specialized groups within the IC. Commercial customers include systems integrators and manufactures such as Thales Communications, General Dynamics, BAH, and NGC to name a few.

  • JITC Certified Booster Amplifiers
  • Rugged Routers for Airborne, Maritime & Ground
  • Tactical mini speakers
  • Vehicle Radio Mounts and Power Supplies
  • Airborne SATCOM antennas
  • SATCOM Amplifiers
  • Deployable LTE Base Stations
  • Cell Phone Over Satellite
  • FIPS 140-2 certified SATA
  • Deployable Mobile Data Center