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Satellite Command and Control

transponder Delmarva principals supply a variety of software and hardware systems for use in the most demanding satellite ground station applications. L-3 Telemetry-West’s InControl™ satellite command and control software system has been chosen by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, OrbComm, and Orbital Sciences among others for their critical program requirements. Amergint offers state of the art software defined signal processing systems for satellite I&T as well as mission operations. Textron Systems, Electronic Systems provides high speed payload test systems for Geo and LEO satellite busses. In addition ViaSat can offer full sky and limited motion antenna systems at frequencies up to 60 GHz, as well as complete turnkey ground stations including site prep and sustainment. For RF transmission from antenna to receiver, Finisar offers a complete line of analog, digital, and RF over fiber systems. Some of our many customers include: DoD, Orbital Sciences, JHU APL, NRL, Northrop Grumman, and ATK Swales.

  • Ground systems for I&T and payload test
  • SGLS Modems and Downlink Processing
  • High Reliability Fault Tolerant HPA's at L and S Bands
  • InControlâ„¢ Satellite Command and Control, I&T, Enterprise Software
  • Full sky and limited motion antenna systems 5.4 M and greater
  • High dynamic range RF over Fiber transmission systems
  • Turnkey ground stations