Business Markets

Ground Telemetry

Ground TelemetryL-3 Telemetry and RF Products has a strong legacy of products and support for the telemetry market. These include the heritage L, S, and C Band receivers (DR-2000 and RCB-4000) , bit synchronizers, frame synchronizers, front end processors (Model 550), enterprise telemetry software (Vista), and display software (Jade). Our customers include: Pax NAWC, NASA Wallops, Honeywell Technology Systems, NASA LaRC, and NASA GSFC.

  • Ground Based Processors for Aircraft test and Satellite TT&C
  • Satellite Ranging Processors
  • L, S, and C Band Receivers and Demodulators
  • Tracking Antennas
  • Decryption
  • Radomes & Reflectors
  • GPS and CDMA-based Precise Time and Frequency References & Distribution