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MILLITECH Inc - Millimeter-Wave Components, Assemblies, Sub-Systems, and Fully Integrated Systems

MILLITECH, INC., the leader in millimeter-wave components, assemblies, sub-systems and fully integrated systems for over 30 years, has introduced its new line of high performance SIGINT/EW Antenna/Converter subsystems. These systems can be purchased as individual components (Antenna, Feed, Downconverter) or as an integrated system with superior RF performance tested and validated across the entire band. The millimeter-wave LNAs and converters are integrated with the feeds allowing for conventional coaxial interfaces. In addition, the offset antenna eliminates feed blockage. The precision pinned mechanical assembly ensures fast and repeatable performance when re-deployed.

The antenna systems provide frequency coverage from 18-90 GHz using field configurable interchangeable parts, so that they are easily assembled and aligned in the field with minimal effort. All feeds are dual linear polarization with excellent cross-polarization performance.

Additional Features

In addition to Standard MMW Components, MILLITECH has a proven history of engineering Custom Solutions for Space, Military, and commercial industries. The product represented is subject to U.S. Export Law as contained in the ITAR. Export of the product represented will require a U.S. Department of State export license.

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TEXTRON SystemsTEXTRON SYSTEMS, ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS delivers a wide variety of test systems and services designed to meet the specific requirements of aerospace and defense contractors. The team has delivered more than 4,000 custom test systems to companies worldwide, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, Orbital Science, Raytheon and Honeywell.

The WaveCore PTS Satellite Panel/Payload Test Set is part of Textron Systems, Electronic Systems WaveCore family of standard test systems. Based on the latest commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) instrumentation, the WaveCore PTS is designed to provide the lowest level of measurement uncertainty with unprecedented reliability, maintainability and supportability. The systems can be deployed affordably for both production and engineering applications, providing industry-leading levels of data correlation with high system mean time between failures and low mean time to repair.

Traceable Data

Textron Systems, Electronic Systems software environment utilizes industry-standard test sequencers for consistent, easy-to-access results and calibration data.

Reduced Test Time

The WaveCore PTS utilizes the latest commercial test equipment for test time reductions an order of magnitude or more over legacy testers.

Standard and Familiar Interface

The WaveCore PTS features a standard test conductor interface that is compatible with previous-generation payload testers including the N1891A and 85121, allowing efficient and low-risk integration of Textron Systems next-generation test systems.

Fast, Real-Time Calibration Cycles

Included with Textron Systems, Electronic Systems WaveCore PTS is automatic calibration and calibration verification software, which ensures the achievement of uncertainty targets, reduces calibration cycles and enables easily correlated confidence checks in real time. The system’s self-test software can verify test station setup and stability quickly and automatically.

Modular and Scalable

The WaveCore PTS features modular, scalable hardware and software, which allow users to populate a subsystem tester, satellite panel or satellite payload tester with only the instruments needed for the test sequences. Users may add additional instrument resources as test requirements change.

Test source code, documentation and training are available, enabling customers to modify or add new tests for their own unique requirements. Textron Systems, Electronic Systems also offers support plans to ensure 24-hour repair time and keep systems up and running within the available support budget.

Additional Features

The standard 8040A system supports vector-based testing up to 40 gigahertz (GHz). Various equipment options are available to support testing at different frequency ranges and unique test requirements.

Warranty and Support

Textron Systems, Electronic Systems WaveCore testers include a standard one-year, return-to-factory warranty on all components. Optional extended warranties also are available. Textron Systems, Electronic Systems provides both standard and tailored support contracts upon request to address customer needs for 24/7 up time, application support, quick repair and maintenance. Systems can be customized to provide solutions to specific customer measurement requirements.

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Analytic SystemsANALYTIC SYSTEMS designs and manufactures a complete range of high performance power conversion products for a wide range of markets, and consisting of: DC/DC Converters, DC Battery Chargers, AC Battery Chargers, Voltage Converters, DC/AC Inverters, Power Supplies, and Frequency Converters.

DOD/Military Programs Include:

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Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies is excited to present the World’s Smallest Class K Space Qualified Radiation Dosimeter. With a footprint of 1.4" x 1.0" x 0.040" and a total weight of 20 grams, Teledyne Microelectronics new Class "K" Space qualified radiation Micro Dosimeter is the smallest, lightest radiation measurement device on the market today. It easily integrates to standard spacecraft housekeeping systems with plug and play connectivity.



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Over the years, MegaPhase has built a solid reputation of trust and confidence supplying high performance phase stable RF Coaxial cables (DC – 70 GHz), connectors, and mechanical interconnect assemblies for test instrumentation, defense electronics, satellites, and broadband communication systems.

Located in Stroudsburg PA, MegaPhase differentiates itself by providing technical support for ICD development, immediate response to technical questions, on time delivery, very competitive pricing, and a one year warranty. All assemblies are 100% tested, and Certified to ISO-9001:2008, J-STD-001, IPC-600, MIL-I-45208A quality standards.

MegaPhase unique industry leading GrooveTube™ technology, and numerous cable designs are field proven, and support many defense & aerospace programs including:

The following provide an overview of applications and the applicable cable types available. Please click on any image for additional details and specifications.

MegaPhase Products VNA Test VN Series High Performance VNA Test Cable MegaPhase - The Warrior Cable MegaPhase RF Orange Series ZMA Quick-Disconnect Connectors Broadband Test BT Series - 75-ohm Test Cables Semi-Rigid Cable - Cable Assemblies with Precision CNC Bends ZN Quick-Disconnect Connectors Phase3 Ultra Low Loss Cable Assemblies Universal Cable & Adapter Kit GrooveTube Low Loss Cables - High Reliability RF Cable Assemblies

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For over two decades MILLITECH has earned the reputation of providing the highest quality millimeter-wave products, and custom solutions in the world. Recent supplier recognition awards include the “3 Star Supplier Excellence Award” from Raytheon Network Centric Systems.

In addition to Standard MMW Components, MILLITECH has a proven history of engineering Custom Solutions for Space, Military, and commercial industries.

For ten years, MILLITECH’s Manufacturing Services Division has provided contract manufacturing , assembly, and test services to the satellite communications industry. Having supplied thousands of RF components to military and commercial programs, MILLITECH has established itself as a leader in the development of microwave satellite systems.

NEW PRODUCT development and innovations are the cornerstone of MILLITECH’s growth and successful reputation.

Several recent New Product developments include:

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Key features and benefits:

Demand for the transport of RF communications signals over Fiber Optic Links is rapidly increasing, driven by optoelectronic technology advances and the leverage of cost efficiencies of the optical telecommunications industry. Unlike coaxial cables, advances in fiber-optic technology now make it possible to transmit RF signals cleanly over extended distances without excessive insertion loss. Links with frequency coverage from 1 kHz to 50 GHz are supported, while maintaining extremely low noise figures, very high SFDR and extremely flat amplitude responses over frequency.

With this approach, it is possible to route Microwave/RF signals long distances, to remote locations, so that the receiver/processing hardware no longer has to be located within close proximity to the antenna. This also allows the receivers to be utilized in a pooled configuration serving multiple antennas, resulting in the potential for a smaller number of receivers for a multi-aperture system. By combining multiple antenna bands at light versus traditional RF combiners, a broadband feed can be formed that has no inter-modulation products at the band crossover points and only a slight (less than 1 db) degradation in noise figure. This provides the capability to tune a single receiver through a wideband optically mux’d signal derived from multiple narrower band antennas.

Finisar’s family of RF over Fiber products deliver the industries highest performance and can be optimized for very specific applications. Our complete product line includes compact modules, outdoor and wall mount units, as well as 1U and 3U modular, rack mount and custom systems. These products leverage Finisar’s world class laser and receiver product portfolios developed for ultra high-speed digital communications. Transmitters, Transceivers, and Transponders for Datacom and Telecom Applications are also available. These products are fully compliant with Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET/SDH/OTN and PON standards and operate at data rates up to 100 Gb/s. Finisar’s high-performance Analog, Datacom and Telecom products address the most challenging requirements of today’s modern networks.

Finisar Modular Receiver Chassis Small Form Factor Modules
view larger image view larger image
Finisar Modular Receiver Finisar 18GHz Transmitter Module
view larger image view larger image

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RIVA NETWORKS, INC., founded in 1978 and based in East Brunswick, New Jersey, provides advanced wireless networks, handsets, products and services across the entire wireless and mobile phone spectrum. RIVA's mission is to re-manufacture commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) wireless technology for use by government agencies in the Defense, Intelligence and Law Enforcement sectors for cooperative and non-cooperative applications.

RIVA has a strong track record of providing a variety of specialized wireless networks and devices to the US DoD and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies for fixed site, land mobile, airborne and shipborne needs.

RIVA Network’s best selling nanoCELL systems are man portable cell phone networks that help our clients:

RIVA Networks has more than 25 years of experience designing wireless networks, mobile phones, smart phones and data cards. Since 1998, RIVA has designed numerous accessories for mobile phones as well as secure handsets, covert phones and other "special" wireless devices for its clients. The company’s software and hardware engineers have expertise in building everything from hybrid cell phones, to GPS trackers, to complete Secure Communications Networks designed for COOP and COG requirements.

RIVA Network's Capabilities [pdf]

For more information call Delmarva Engineering at 410-990-9000 or email us.

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AAI AUSTIN leverages Symtx Inc.’s more than 30 years of proven expertise in the test industry. AAI’s Automated Test Equipment (ATE) group, formerly Symtx, Inc., is a leading producer of high-performance test solutions for commercial, defense and space applications.

AAI’s ATE group designs and develops a wide range of systems including complex digital and analog solutions, fiber-optics, laser test systems and high-performance, high-throughput microwave test systems.

Capabilities include turnkey test solutions for key applications and a full range of test engineering services from product retrofit to documentation and support.

Most recent developments include the WaveCore™ family of standard test systems. Included in the WaveCore family are the Satellite Panel/Payload Test Set and Transmit/Receive Module Test Set. The most recent addition to the WaveCore family is the WaveCore RF Test Set, providing RF and microwave component and subassembly testing to 50 gigahertz, with power levels from picowatts to hundreds of kilowatts.

Integral to AAI’s total spectrum of Test & Training Systems capabilities and resources, are ATE manufacturing center certifications including:

With highly skilled, experienced employees and an efficient, cost-competitive manufacturing center, AAI can deliver on any ATE need — including custom ATE systems, standard test platforms, or production of AAI or customer-designed/legacy ATE systems.

For more information, arrange to see a demo unit or get a price quote please give us a call at 410-990-9000 or email us.

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Known for decades as innovators in instrumentation amplifiers, AR RF & MICROWAVE INSTRUMENTATION first introduced its “S” Series of amplifiers for customers needing highly linear broad band performance in the microwave spectrum. Until this design appeared on the market, customers were limited to the performance available only in “TWT” type amplifiers. Today AR RF & Microwave Instrumentation has delivered thousands of solid state microwave amplifiers and continues to launch new and innovative solid state products in these frequencies.

What's New with the “S” Series

Up to 1200 Watts of Solid State Microwave Power
A little while ago AR made the “S” series smaller and lighter, without losing any power. Now they've added more power without increasing size or weight. The 15-watt amp is now 20 watts. The 30-watt version is now 40 watts. And so on ... up to the 800-watt version, which is now 1200 watts.

Expandable Power
Many of AR's "S" Series amplifiers are designed so that when additional power is needed, you can add another amplifier, rather than having to toss out the old amp and start all over again with a higher power model. You can also use the amplifiers independently when higher power is not needed. AR calls this building block concept Subampability® and it's another way that AR products deliver more value and cost-effectiveness to customers.

Broader Frequencies
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has redesigned several of its "S" Series amplifiers to extend the bandwidth from 18 GHz down to 4 GHz. The models previously went down to 6 GHz. These redesigned amplifiers are:

Model 5S4G18 (5 watts CW, 4 - 18 GHz) (formerly model 5S6G18A)
Model 10S4G18 (10 watts CW, 4 - 18 GHz) (formerly model 10S6G18A)
Model 20S4G18 (20 watts CW, 4 - 18 GHz) (formerly model 20S6G18)

AR AF 20S4G18 Amplifier AR AF 60S1G4 Amplifier
view larger image view larger image
AR AF 350S1G4 Amplifier AR AF 120S1G4 Amplifier
view larger image view larger image

For more information, arrange to see a demo unit or get a price quote please give us a call at 410-990-9000 or email us.

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ADVANCED TECHNICAL MATERIALS (ATM) Capabilities and Product Line
In house design, manufacturing, inspection, and quality control of coaxial and waveguide components to 50GHz

ATM Product solutions include Continuously Variable Attenuators, Phase Shifters, Power Dividers & Combiners, Directional Couplers, Fixed Attenuators, Terminations, Hybrids, Coxial Switches (Electromechanical & Solid State), Transitions, Waveguide to Coaxial Adapters, Loop Directional Couplers, Waveguide Assemblies and Subassemblies, Custom designed Components, Double Ridge W/G Components.

Advanced Technical Materials (ATM) Advanced Technical Materials (ATM)
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For Further Information about ATM (Advanced Technical Materials), please contact: Delmarva Engineering at 410-990-9000 or email us.

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L-3 TELEMETRY WEST'S InControl™ enterprise software system provides the world’s most advanced fleet compatible platform for satellite I&T, TT&C, and space vehicle management. InControl’s Java-based architecture is designed to run on numerous flavors of Linux, Windows, and Solaris and provides users with capability to fully customize all aspects via XML. Key features of this 21st century product include:

multi-mission fleet capable
multi-vendor support
platform independent
same software platform for ai&t, LEO, and mission ops
fully customizable via xml
automation for cost and risk reduction
modern design and feature set

InControl™ is currently in use for the following customers: Inmarsat, several Lockheed Martin facilities, Telenor, Orbcomm, UK MOD, Shin Satellite, NASA, Sandia National Labs, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, Astrium and Thales, to name a few.

InControl Fleet Frame InControl Control Frame
view larger image view larger image

For data sheets or a price quote, please call Delmarva at 410-990-9000 or email us.

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MILLITECH, INC. (Northampton MA) is pleased to announce the delivery of their new 18-40GHz Gaussian Optic Antenna.

High efficiency / no blockage
high gain 12" aperture
linear and dual-linear configurations
high polarization isolation in dual-pol versions
integral radome/lens
convenient flat mounting features on four sides

These Gaussian Optic Antennas (GOAs) provide superior efficiency due to low blockage and low-loss optics. The dual-polarization versions have excellent cross-polarization isolation using a grid polarizer and two linear polarized feeds. Typically, 40 dB of cross-polarization isolation is maintained over the frequency band. The interface is standard 2.92mm coaxial connectors. Efficiency ranges from 30-50% over the band for both dual-pol and single-pol versions.

The 18-40 GHz GOA is an extension of our complete family of full-waveguide band GOA antennas that are available in waveguide bands from 18 to 220 GHz, with a typical net efficiency over 50%, Sidelobes of 23 dB typical, and VSWR of 1.5:1 typical.

Millitech Inc., a member of the Smiths Interconnect Division, specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of millimeter-wave components, assemblies, subsystems and fully integrated systems for applications in satellite communications, radiometry, radar and remote sensing.

For data sheets or a price quote, please call Delmarva at 410-990-9000 or email us.

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AR MODULAR RF in Bothell, WA is pleased to announce that its model AR-50 has achieved JTIC approval. This rugged unit features:

50 Watts of clean rf power
fast automatic switching & co-site filtering
small size
full three-year warrantY

In addition to the AR-50, AR Modular RF offers a family of vehicle mounted and portable booster amps which support 30-512 MHz radios at power levels ranging from 20 to 125 watts.

Demos are available. For data sheets or a price quote call Delmarva at 410-990-9000 or email us.

AR Modular RF is a Division of AR Worldwide.

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